July 4, 2015

Friday was the last day of this CEOI - second part of competition was held at morning, after that a last lunch was at our university canteen. Lots of contestants took a rest after lunch at the dormitory because of very hot weather, it was above 30 degrees. Then was time for checking results and preparing final list of winners. Some of interested people visited Cybercrime Centre which is used for education, training, research and development in area of cybercrime.

In late afternoon the final ceremony associated with the announcement of the final results started, all were already impatient about how it turned out. The Vice-Rector of Masaryk University spoke at the beginning of the event, all teams were introduced and each participant received a certificate and Czech souvenirs. But everyone has been eagerly awaited announcement of the results of the contest. Except gifts from the Faculty of Informatics and Masaryk University, some gifts for all successful contestants were given by companies: Česká spořitelna a.s., Red Hat Czech s.r.o. and NVIDIA. NVIDIA company also donated the prizes for winners, bundle of TWIMTBP game titles, and the special prize, high-end graphics card GeForce GTX 980, for the absolute winner Przemysław Kozłowski from Poland. The farewell banquet followed the official awarding ceremony. A surprise of the evening was a magician who entertained all with their amusing tricks.

At the end we hope you’ve learned something new and you liked and enjoyed the week in Brno. We wish you good luck in the future competitions!

July 3, 2015

Yesterday was a free day, all can enjoyed the trip. During morning we went to the VIDA science center. We took part on workshop Inventors, where we created "Rube Golberg machine" (simple machines performing various functions), some of them was realy fascinating and realy worked. Then we saw scientific show "Frost and Heat" full of experiments and then we followed with tour of whole science center - we could launch a hydrogen rocket, be a star in the TV weather forecast, had first-hand experience of earthquake or see a tornado. It was amazing experience.

After a lunch we went to the Jungle park, most of us crossed over Svratka river (40 metres wide) and then were climbing in trees. The route includes 33 obstacles, is hung 3 to 7 metres above the ground and is 365 metres long. For lots of us it was very exhausting experience, especially in this hot summer weather.

July 2, 2015

On Wednesday was the first competition day, all contestants must solve hard tasks and leaders and guides just sat, waited and followed the running online results.

Afterwards we went for a lunch to university canteen and then came back to the faculty to check the results. When it was ready it was possible to visit four faculty's labs:

  • Lab of Electronic Multimedia Applications
  • Human Computer Interaction Lab
  • Natural Language Processing Lab
  • Design and Architecture of Digital Systems Lab
Hopefully you heard some new and interesting things.

After heavy dinner we ascended to the Kraví hora (Cow hill) where we visited Brno Observatory and Planetarium. In one hour programme we learnt some information about constellations on the summer sky and then saw very interesting film Dark Universe. At the end we had the chance to view on Brno from the other viewpoint.

July 1, 2015

Yesterday was a hard day. Firstly we made photos of all teams and common photo on faculty's courtyard. You can see them with many other photos in our gallery. Then started work - you tested computers and other equipment for today's competition.

After lunch in university canteen (we hope that it was good) we had a tour through Brno. We split to two groups and started the sightseeing. We went through the Moravian Square, St. James Church to the Liberty Sq., Capuchin Crypt, Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul and on the hill Špilberk castle where we had a beautiful view on all Brno.

The highlight of the day was the opening ceremony. There were a speech of the Chairman of CEOI 2015 and then speech of the Dean of the Faculty of Informatics Masaryk University. Performance of band Eclipse enlivened the event and then followed welcome reception. Tired out after a busy day full of experiences we all looked forward to bed.

June 30, 2015

Welcome in Brno,

all delegations have arrived yesterday and team leaders and deputy leaders togerther with scientific committee had an everning meeting to see each other and disscuss about competition content. The official programme started and we hope you enjoyed all activities we prepared for you. During afternoon sightseeing to city center we visited the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, the Capuchin crypt, St. Thomas' Church and lots of other historical places in Brno. After this beautiful tour we came to the university cinema where the opening ceremony was held. Then you enjoyed also welcome reception.

June 22, 2015

In just a few days we will see each other at CEOI 2015, which is held in Brno at the Faculty of Informatics Masaryk University. Preparation for the event culminates and we can not wait until it erupts. Besides competitions you may await some trips and lots of fun. We ordered the pleasant weather, so you have to look forward!